Themes of EAS8

The symposium covers all aspects of Functional Dyes and related Advanced Materials.
The major themes are as follows:

  • 1.   Synthesis, Properties and Theory

  • 2.   Display applications (Light emitting diodes, Electronic papers, etc.)

  • 3.   Light harvesting and Conversion (Solar cells and related areas)

  • 4.   Sensors (Fluorescent probes, colorimetric sensors for metal ions etc.)

  • 5.   Security (Fluorescent, Phosphorescent, Erasable, Infrared, Optically variable and Thermochromic materials)

  • 6.   Diagnostics and Therapy (Biosensors for cell imaging, Photodynamic therapy etc.)

  • 7.   Intelligent coatings (Super hydrophobic, Antibacterial etc.)

  • 8.   Industrial applications (Textiles, Paints, Food, Cosmetics, Polymers etc.)