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    Infosys Prize 2012 awarded to Dr.Ajayaghosh

    Infosys Prize 2012 awarded to Dr.Ajayaghosh for his outstanding contribution in the field of Physical Sciences...


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    International Conference on New Horizons in Biotechnology…(NHBT-2015)


  • CSIR@70
    CSIR celebrating 70th year of its Foundation…

    CSIR celebrating 70th year of its Foundation. Excerpts from PM's and S&T Minister's speech...


  • nesta
    Lessons from India’s Innovation System – The new rising stars

    Trivandrum's National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (NIIST), part of the CSIR network, publishes the highest proportion of world-class papers...


  • organized-assembly-l
    Design and synthesis of photoactive molecules

    Organized assembly of molecules through non-covalent interactions is a powerful tool for generating defined molecular architectures.


Research Highlights
  • image Novel Lysosome Targeted Molecular Transporter Built ...

    An efficient synthetic approach has been adopted to construct a new dendron-based octa-guanidine appended molecular transporter with ...more..

  • image Aligned 1-D Nanorods of a π-Gelator ...

    Linear π-gelators self-assemble into entangled fibers in which the molecules are arranged perpendicular to the fiber ...more..

  • image Supergelation via Purely Aromatic π–π Driven ...

    A series of highly luminescent oxadiazole-based stilbene molecules (OXD4, OXD8, OXD10, and OXD12) exhibiting interesting enantiotropic liquid ...more..

  • image Palladium Catalyzed Skeletal Rearrangement of Spiro ...

    An efficient one pot strategy for the synthesis of a novel framework of benzofuran-pyrazolidine fused cyclopentenes by ...more..

  • image Palladium/Lewis Acid Mediated Domino Reaction of ...

    Palladium/Lewis acid mediated stepwise and one pot transformation of pentafulvene derived diazabicyclic olefins is described. The reaction ...more..

  • image Squaraine dyes in PDT: from basic ...

    The design and development of novel squaraine dyes as sensitisers for photodynamic therapy (PDT) applications has grown ...more..

Photo Dr. A. Ajayaghosh received the prestigious Chem Tech Foundation award for Leadership and Excellence 2015 more..
Photo Dr. Suresh Das new president of MRSI… more..
Photo TCI-India-League of Extraordinary Chemists: Dr. K. V. Radhakrishnan more..
Photo Dr. M.L.P. Reddy has been elected as Fellow of Andhra Pradesh Academy of Sciences… more..
Photo Dr. N. Ramesh Kumar has been awarded the Max Planck India Mobility Grant. more..
Photo Dr. A. Ajayaghosh has been awarded the ISAS National Award for Excellence in Science and Technology… more..
Photo NIIST has won The Rajbhasha Shield and the Certificate of Excellence more..
Photo The Rajbhasha Shield and Merit Certificate have been Awarded to NIIST for implementing Official Language Policy of the Union Government more..
Photo Dr. Ravi Shankar L. has been awarded the Kerala State Young Scientist Award more..
Photo Dr. Suresh Das has been awarded with the first SASTRA-CNR Rao Award for Excellence in Chemistry and Materials Science… more..
Photo Dr.Ashok Pandey has been conferred Hon.FELLOW award (FISES) more..
Photo Prof. Dr. A. Ajayaghosh has been elected as Hon.FELLOW of the Kerala Academy of Sciences more..
Photo APA Award for 2012 awarded to Dr.Suresh Das more..
Photo Dr. Parameswaran Binod has been honored with the Young Scientist Award of IFIBIOP for the year 2011 more..
Photo CSIR-NIIST wins CSIR Golden Icon Award for exemplary performance in the implementation of CSIR Enterprise Transformation Project more..
Photo CRSI Bronze Medal to Dr. M. L. P. Reddy more..
Photo Dr. Ajayaghosh has achieved the distinction of having his profile featured in an international journal published from Germany more..
Photo CRSI Silver Medal to Dr.A.Ajayaghosh more..