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    About Dr. Ajayaghosh

    Dr. Ayyappanpillai Ajayaghosh is a native of Quilon, Kerala, the south west costal state of India. Ajayaghosh obtained his Master’s degree in chemistry (1984) and a Ph. D (1989)...


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    International Conference on New Horizons in Biotechnology…(NHBT-2015)


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    CSIR celebrating 70th year of its Foundation…

    CSIR celebrating 70th year of its Foundation. Excerpts from PM's and S&T Minister's speech...


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    Lessons from India’s Innovation System – The new rising stars

    Trivandrum's National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (NIIST), part of the CSIR network, publishes the highest proportion of world-class papers...


  • organized-assembly-l
    Design and synthesis of photoactive molecules

    Organized assembly of molecules through non-covalent interactions is a powerful tool for generating defined molecular architectures.


Research Highlights
  • image Electrostatically driven self assembly of CdTe ...

    ArunGopi, AsarikalVindhyasarumi and KaruvathYoosaf*

    We demonstrate that the polarity influence on the pyrene fluorescence band ...more..

  • image Polypropylene / Layered double hydroxide (LDH) ...

    Baku Nagendra, Kiran Mohan, and E. Bhoje Gowd*

    Highly dispersed isotactic polypropylene (iPP) nanocomposites were prepared by incorporating ...more..

  • image p/n-Polarity of thiophene oligomers in photovoltaic ...

    TanwisthaGhosh, AneshGopal, Akinori Saeki,* Shu Seki and Vijayakumar C. Nair*

    Molecular and supramolecular properties play key roles on ...more..

  • image Organic Donor–Acceptor Assemblies form Coaxial p–n ...

    Seelam Prasanthkumar, Samrat Ghosh, Vijayakumar C. Nair, Akinori Saeki, Shu Seki, and Ayyappanpillai Ajayaghosh

    The formation of coaxial ...more..

  • image Self-Assembled Near-Infrared Dye Nanoparticles as a ...

    Palapuravan Anees, Sivaramapanicker Sreejith,and Ayyappanpillai Ajayaghosh

    Design of selective sensors for a specific analyte in blood serum,which contains ...more..

  • image Aggregation induced Raman scattering of Squaraine ...

    The extent of squaraine dye aggregation that reflects on surface enhanced Raman signal scattering (SERS) intensity upon ...more..

Photo Dr. A. Ajayaghosh takes charge as the Director of CSIR-NIIST more..
Photo NIIST has won The Rajbhasha Shield and the Certificate of Excellence more..
Photo NIIST has been adjudged as the 4th Best Office in implementing Official Language Policy of the Union Government… more..
Photo Dr. Ashok Pandey takes over as Honorary Executive Advisor: Journal of Energy and Environmental Sustainability more..
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Photo Excellent rating for Indo-French collaborative project with Dr. K. V. Radhakrishnan more..
Photo Dr. A. Ajayaghosh received the prestigious Chem Tech Foundation award for Leadership and Excellence 2015 more..
Photo TCI-India-League of Extraordinary Chemists: Dr. K. V. Radhakrishnan more..
Photo Dr. M.L.P. Reddy has been elected as Fellow of Andhra Pradesh Academy of Sciences… more..
Photo Dr. N. Ramesh Kumar has been awarded the Max Planck India Mobility Grant. more..
Photo Dr. A. Ajayaghosh has been awarded the ISAS National Award for Excellence in Science and Technology… more..
Photo Dr. Ashok Pandey has been elected as Fellow (FISEES) of the International Society for Energy and Environmental Sustainability more..