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Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), Govt.Of India Thiruvananthapuram.


Contract Research Programmes


Client Project Title Project Leader
STCL Setting up chilli processing plant in Karnataka Mr. M.M. Sreekumar
CSIR Ayush Standardisation of plants, plant products and formulations in terms of phytochemical and chemical markers, chemical characteristics of bhasmas Dr.A. Sundersan
CSIR Development of continuous process for essential oil/oleoresin and active ingredient isolation from fresh/dry spices and botanicals based on Swing Technology Sri. M. M. Sreekumar
DST Evaluation and control of acrylamide formation in traditional deep fried snack products Dr.(Mrs). Nisha


Evaluation of trans fatty acids in hydrogenated egetables oil products and their health implication in the context of Indian food habits Mrs. Reshma
KSCSTE Development of value added products from "Neera" of Palmyrah Mrs. Reshma



Studies on improving storage stability of refined and unrefined vegetable oils by the addition of micronutrients and antioxidant phytochemicals and the development of a functional vegetable Dr. Nisha


Client Project Title Project Leader
DBT Scale up studies on the production of galactosidases Dr. P. Prema
INDOFRENCH Mannolipids and mannose metabilism in mycobacterium tuberculosis Dr. K. Madhavan Nampoothiri
DBT Metabolic activities and genetic manipulation leading to nutraceutical products from lactic acid bacteria for novel applications Dr. K. Madhavan Namboothiri
DBT Development of efficient probiotic to combat vitamin B12 folic acid and iron deficiency Dr. K. Madhavan Namboothiri
MOEF Utilisation of brown coir waste pith for lignin degrading enzymes production and development of value added products from fermented waste pith Dr. Mrs. P. Prema
DST Microbial mediated removal of iron mineral impurities from kaolin for value addition Dr.SathyChandrashekar/Dr.Prema
DBT Production, characterization and application of microbial alpha galactosidase- A therapeutical enzyme for flatulence Dr. P. Prema
DBT Construction and screening of environmental DNA libraries for novel beta-lactamase inhibitors and lipases Dr. Ashok Pandey
CSIR Bioethanol from lignocellulosic biomass Dr. Ashok Pandey
DST Isolation and cloning of glucose tolerant Beta-glucosidase from fungal isolate BTCF-5 and the CBH1 control elements from Trichoderma reesei and studies on the properties of the enzyme Dr.Rajeev K Sukumaran
DBT Development of thermostable and low pH tolerant phytase from Aspergillus niger using site directed mutagenesis Dr. Ashok Pandey
DBT Construction and analysis of recombinant pentose utlizing Corynebacterium glutamicum strains for amino acid production from hemicellulose containing agro-waste materials Dr. K. Madhavan Nampoothiri
DST Centre for Biofuels Dr. Ashok Pandey
DBT Development of a bioprocess for the production of polyhydroxybutyrate(PHB) from biodiesel industry generated glycerol Dr. Ashok Pandey
DBT Cost effective production of lactic acid for polylactide synthesis and studies on PLA application and biodegradation Dr. K. Madhavan Nampoothiri
DBT Exploiting westernghat biodiversity for antifungal metabolites fir plant disease control Dr. K. Madhavan Nampoothiri
DBT Exploiting westernghat biodiversity for antifungal metabolites fir plant disease control Dr. K. Madhavan Nampoothiri


Client Project Title Project Leader
DST Establishment of high resolution TEM at RRL TVM Director
VSSC Development of EMI shielding/static charge dissipating materials from electrically conducting PANICNs for space applications. Dr. J.D. Sudha
STEC. GOK Chemical prospecting and in vitro activity evaluation of the bioactive compounds of Njavara Dr. A. Jayalekshmi
IRE Design & development of environmentally secure rare earth based colorants Dr. MLP Reddy
DBT Investigations on immobilized enzyme nano particles(ENCP) for novel catalytic applications Dr. (Mrs) Emilia Abraham
DST Ramanna fellowship Dr. Ajay Ghosh
DST Metal-coordinated imprinted polymers for drug delivery applications Dr. T. Prasad Rao
DST Functional nanomaterials of pi-conjugated molecules Dr. A. Ajayaghosh
KSCSTE Microanalytical investigations of urinary stones:FTIR spectroscopy vs SEM-EDAX Dr.R. Luxmi Verma
IFCPAR Functional hybrid nanomaterials of polymeric gels and Pi conjugated self assemblies Dr. A. Ajayghosh
DST Engaging N-Heterocycles and N-Heterocyclic carbenes as organocatalysts for novel carbon carbon and carbon heteroatom bond forming reactions Dr. G. Vijay Nair
BRNS Study of photoinduced electron transfer in cyclodextrin based supramolecular systems Dr. K.R. Gopidas
DST Development of Sensitizers based on NMR Dyes Dr. Ramaiah
DAE Molecular and supramolecular architecutres with optoelectronic functions Dr.A. Ajayghosh
DST Design and development of efficient light conversion molecular devices based on Lanthanide aromatic carboxylates Dr. MLP Reddy
KSCSTE Studies on the development of modified starch micro and nanoparticles and edible films from unique starch resources of Kerala Dr. (Mrs). Emilia Abraham
DST Molecularly imprinted polymeric single measured sensors for priority envirotoxic markers Dr. T. Prasad Rao
M/s. Corning France Research project to develop superior photochromic dyes Phase IV Dr. Suresh Das
IPM, Gandhinagar Characterisation of Mn(II)acetylacetonate in nonylphenol for use in Arco L10 cyanate ester &Py360 bisphenol – F blend epoxy resin system appropriate for fusion relevant prototype magnets Dr. J. D Sudha
DST Development of novel cyclophanes as probes for biomolecular recognition Dr. Ramaiah


Client Project Title Project Leader
DST Optimisation of aging parameters and alloy composition for improved age hardening response of AZ91 magnesium alloy Dr. A. Sreenivasan
KSCSTE Low loss ceramic polymer composites for micro electronic packaging application Dr. C. Pavithran
M/s.Areva T & D lightning Ltd Development of high energy varistors through nanoprecursors Dr. Ananthakumar
KSCSTE Studies on novel rare earth based phosphates for phosphor and dielectric applications Dr. Peter Koshy
DST Studies on novel oxide semiconductors A3 Ce3 B5 C5 O30 and CA3ce3B7C2O26.5(A=Ba, Sr;B=Ti, Zr and C=V,Nb,Ta) and their thermal cyclying for possible applications in NTC thermisters. Dr. Peter Koshy
IRELTDC Pilot scale production facility for nanosize rare earth phosphates and development of industrially potential application areas Dr. K. G. K. Warrier
BHEL,Bangalore Development and demonstration of multifunctional ultra filtration ceramic membrane for industrial applications Dr. K. G. K. Warrier
IRE Development of cerium oxide based nanomaterials for applications as chemical mechanical planarisation/polishing slurry Dr. S. K. Ghosh
DST Nanostructured dielectric LTCC composite tapes for modern high speed communication integrated circuits Dr. Manoj Rama Varma
DST Pilot scale demonstration and technical feasibility of nano size photo catalytic titanium oxide for anti algal, anti bacterial and anti soiling coating on terra cotta,glazed ceramic surfaces Dr. K.G.K. Warrier
BRNS, BOMBAY Ceramic-metal and polymer-metal composites for electromechanical applications Dr. Jose James
M/s CMRL, Alwaye Rendering scientific and technical support to M/s. CMRL synthetic rutile commercial plant. Dr. P. N. Mohandas
DRDO Development of ceramics-based nano stuctured magnetic refrigerators Dr. Manoj Rama Verma
IRE Mumbai Investigations on the production of aluminium-silicon master alloys from sillimanite through plasma processing Dr. P. N. Mohandas
DST Tunable microwave materials and devices Dr. Jose James
BRNS Development of boron carbide reinforced aluminium matrix composites for nuclear applications Dr. T. P. D. Rajan
BMTPC Development and evaluation of techno economics through pilot scale demonstration of value added building materials from high volume flux bonded fly ash Dr.K. G. K. Warrier
BRNS Investigation on the reactivity and wetting behaviour of molten metals with nano size lanthanum phosphate sintered ceramic and coatings Dr. KGK Warrier
ICDD Generation of powder X-ray difraction patterns for new generation ceramic oxide compounds Dr. Prabhakar Rao
ISRO, Dept. of Space Development of ultrafine grain aluminium alloy and composite through equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) for space applications Dr. T. P. D. Rajan
M/s. IRELTDC, Kollam Development of high field composite varistors based on rare earth oxides Dr. S. Ananthakumar
Institute of Plasma Research Development of long filamentary MgB2 superconducting wires and tapes for fusion grade magnets and current leads Dr. Syamprasad
NCRMI, Trivandrum Studies on development of coir-rubber composites products Dr. A.R.R. Menon
BRNS, MUMBAI Development of MgB2 superconducting wires and coils for application in high field magnets Dr. U. Syamprasad
DRDO Development of mono and hybrid discontinuously reinforced magnesium metal matrix composites for engineering applications Dr. U.T.S. Pillai
DST Silicate based dielectrics for elctronic packaging applications Dr. M. T. Sebastian
DST Silicate based dielectrics for elctronic packaging applications Dr. M. T. Sebastian


Client Project Title Project Leader
MNRE, New Delhi Anaerobic technology for biogas recovery and stabilization of unsorted municipal solid wastes Dr. V. B. Manilal
DMRL Prediction of solid morphology in mushy alloys Dr. Roschen Sasikumar
SERC(DST) Quantum chemical and QSAR studies on carcinogenic activities of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their epoxide derivatives Dr. K. P. Vijayalakshmi
SERC(DST) Investigations on layer by layer vapour phase coating on oxidic microparticles in a fluidized bed. Mrs. Ani K. John
DST Development of a molecular aggregation model for the co precipitation synthesis of Ba(Mg1/3Ta2/3)O3 dielectric ceramic nano particles Dr. S. Savithri
DBT Anaerobic degradation of perchlorate and development of a bioprocess for removing perchlorate in aqueous phase Dr. B. Krishna Kumar
M/s. General Motors Ltd. Nucleation, movement and growth of gas bubbles in aluminium castings Dr. Roschen Sasikumar

Dept. of Information


An agent runtime environment for biological simulations Dr. (Mrs). Elizabeth Jacob
GMDC,SRC, Ahmedabad Value addition of GMDC ball clays for ceramic applications Mr.P. Raghavan
UNIDO,Vienna, Austria Development of national implementation plan in India as first step to implement the Stockholm convention on persistent organic pollutants Dr. M. Anbu
Min. of New and Renewable energy Development of a household wastes & sanitation device with biogas recovery Dr. V. B. Manilal