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Status of CSIR patents from RRLT granted in India during 2010

  • Novel Porphyrin derivatives for Photodynamic Therapy (PDT): a process for the preparation thereof and their use as PDT agents and Fluorescence probes for Biological applications NFNO:0147NF2009;0124DEL2010/IN(22/01/2010);IN(PP)
  • Process for the production of Violacein and its derivatives containing Bioactive pigment from Chromobacterium SP. NIIST-CKK-01 NFNO:0033NF2010;0577DEL2010/IN(12/03/2010);IN(PP)

Status of CSIR Foreign Patents from RRLT granted Abroad during 2010

  • Melt or solution processable highly conducting polyanilin and process for preparation thereof with pvc and eva 10014662
  • Production of peroxidase from plant cell and callus cultures 2039763
  • Viologen linked acridine based molecule and process for the preparation thereof 2338223
  • A non-visualized permanent information recording system for use as security labels for authentication of documents and products 2478711
  • A novel low temperature process for the synthesis of ultra-fine rutile phase titanium dioxide particles through vapor phase hydrolysis of titanium tetrachloride 2551663
  • MG2MM\'O6+X,(M=Y, RARE EARTH METAL, AND M\'=SN, OR ZR) dielectric ceramics and their preperation as nanoparticles 4575171
  • Yellow inorganic pigments and process for preparing same 7837782
  • Synthesis of ION imprinted polymer particles for solid phase extractive preconcentration of erbium ions and a process thereof CN101418062B
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