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Research Highlights

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    Morus alba leaf lectin (MLL) sensitizes MCF-7 cells to anoikis by inhibiting fibronectin mediated integrin-FAK signaling through Ras and activation of P38 MAPK

    Saranya J, Shilpa G, Raghu KG, Priya S*
    Anoikis induction in cancer cells has a significant role in preventing early stage metastasis. In the present study, we have demonstrated the effect of Morus alba leaf lectin (MLL) on anoikis induction in MCF-7 cells. MLL treatment in monolayers of MCF-7 cells caused significant detachment of cells [...]

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    Fine tuning compact ZnO blocking layers for enhanced photovoltaic performance in ZnO based DSSC: a detailed insight using β recombination, EIS, OCVD and IMVS techniques

    Swetha Sasidharan, Suraj Soman,* Sourava Chandra Pradhan,c Narayanan Unni K. N,* Abdul Azeez Peer Mohamed, Balagopal Narayanan Nair and Unnikrishnan Nair Saraswathy Hareesh*
    The electron-hole recombination and back electron flow at the conducting oxide-mesoporous film interface in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs) are addressed primarily by the use of pre-blocking layers. Herein, the effects of [...]

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    Photoregenerable, Bifunctional Granules of Carbon Doped g‑C3N4 as Adsorptive Photocatalyst for the Efficient Removal of Tetracycline Antibiotic

    Suyana Panneri, Priyanka Ganguly, Midhun Mohan, Balagopal N. Nair, Abdul Azeez Peer Mohamed, Krishna G. Warrier, and U.S. Hareesh*
    Environmental remediation employing semiconducting materials offer a greener solution for pollution control. Herein, we report the development of high surface area porous architecture of C3N4 nanosheets by a simple aqueous spray drying process. g-C3N4nanosheets obtained by [...]

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    Co3O4- C3N4p -n nano-heterojunctions for the simultaneous degradation of a mixture of pollutants under solar irradiation

    P. Suyana, Priyanka Ganguly, Balagopal N. Nair, A. Peer Mohamed, K. G. K. Warrier and U. S. Hareesh*
    Environmental remediation employing sunlight-active semiconductor nano-heterostructures provides effective solutions for handling emerging contaminants through a greener approach. Herein, we report the creation of ultrafine dispersions of Co3O4 nanoparticles in a g-C3N4 matrix by a simple one-pot [...]

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    Low Temperature Synthesis of High Energy Facets Exposed Sheet–like Anatase TiO2 Mesocrystals Show Reduced e-/h+ Pair Recombination Rates and Enhanced Photoactivity

    N. B. Sumina, S. Nishanth Kumar, R. Achu, B. S. Dileep Kumar, Alok K Ray, K. G. K. Warrier, and Saju Pillai*
    Herein, we report low temperature synthesis of anatase TiO2 mesocrystals with {001} facets exposed sheet-like morphology via fluorine-free synthesis by the synergistic effect of microwave and ultrasound treatments. The synthesized TiO2 powder [...]

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    Silver Patterned Supramolecular Liquid Crystalline Gel as Electrochemical Sensor of Tyrosine

    Rohini K.Narayanan, Neethu K. Sadanandhan, and Sudha J. Devaki*
    Here, we have prepared silver nanoparticle patterned functional
    liquid crystalline gels (SFLAG) through self-assembly
    process. The surface plasmon energy of SFLAGs were observed
    at ~ 420 nm and FCC lattices of silver particles were confirmed
    with XRD. Formation of liquid crystalline gel phase was studied
    by microscopic techniques and rheology. [...]

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    Anisotropic Phase Formation Induced Enhancement of Resistive Switching in Bio–based Imidazolium Ionic Liquid Crystals

    Renjith Sasi, K. B. Jinesh, and Sudha J. Devaki*
    The stimuli-responsive orientation of liquid crystals having ionic
    appendages seems to have a great impact on the modern age
    molecular electronics. Low cost environmentally benign materials
    is the need of current century ailing from various severe
    environmental backlashes. Here we are presenting a stimuliresponsive
    ionic liquid crystal derived from an [...]

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    Facile strategy for the development of polyglucopyranose–silver hydrogel/films for antimicrobial applications

    Reshma Lali Raveendran, Sudha J. Devaki* and K. Madhavan Nampoothiri
    In this paper, we report a facile strategy for the development of silver nanoparticle entrapped
    polyglucopyranose based green nanocomposite films/hydrogels through in situ polymerization and
    reduction and demonstrated its antimicrobial applications against Gram positive and Gram negative
    bacteria. The polyglucopyranose used for the preparation of the nanocomposite film was [...]

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    Catalyst controlled straightforward synthesis of highly substituted pyrroles/furans via propargylation/cycloisomerization of α-oxoketene-N,S-acetals

    DOI: 10.1021/acs.joc.6b02367
    Ganesh Chandra Nandi* and Soumini K.
    Abstract A facile and efficient InCl3 catalyzed one-pot synthesis of highly substituted pyrroles has been developed via a tandem propargylation/cycloisomerization reaction of α-oxoketene-N,S-acetals with propargyl alcohols. Notably, in the presence of Bronsted acid p-TSA.H2O, the reaction afforded the hydrolyzed product propargylated-1,3-dicarbonyl compounds, which upon treatment with Cs2CO3 underwent [...]

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    Licarin B from Myristica fragrance improves insulin sensitivity by activating PPARγ and subsequently up-regulating GLUT4 via PI3/AKT Signaling Pathway

    Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs) are ligand-dependent transcription factors regulating lipid and glucose metabolism. Ongoing drug discovery programs aim to develop partial PPARγ agonists devoid of the side effects of the marketed antidiabetic agents thiazolidinediones. Here, we evaluated the therapeutic potential of Licarin B (LB), a major bioactive constituent of Myristica fragrans in improving peroxisome proliferator-activated [...]

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