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DNA and mitochondrial protective effect of lycopene rich tomato (Solanumlycopersicum L.) peel extract prepared by enzyme assisted extraction against H2O2 induced oxidative damage in L6 myoblasts

T.R. Reshmitha, Sithara Thomas, S. Geethanjali, K.B. Arun, P. Nisha * (2017)

Lycopene rich extracts (ETE) were prepared by enzyme assisted extraction of tomato peel. Oxidative damage was induced in L6 myoblasts by exposing cells to H2O2 in presence and absence (control) of ETE. The potential of ETE to protect cells from oxidative damage was investigated in terms of cytotoxicity (MTT assay), Reactive oxygen species (ROS) by 20, 70-dichlorofluorescindiacetate (H2DCFDA), DNA damage (ladder assay, 8-oxo-dG), Hoechst 33342 nuclear staining, mitochondrial stability by ATP production and mitochondrial membrane potential by Rhodamine 123 staining. It was observed that treatment of cells with ETE significantly increased cell viability, decreased ROS production, reduced DNA fragmentation, chromatin condensation & 8-oxo-dG, increased ATP levels and mitochondrial membrane potential. Results indicated that ETE could protect cells from H2O2 induced oxidative damage significantly as compared to control. These results depicted the antioxidant potential of tomato peel extract which can counteract the redox imbalance in cells induced by oxidative stress condition.

journal of functional foods, 28 : 147–156 (doi:10.1016/j.jff.2016.10.031)