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Morphologically & compositionaly tuned lithium Silicate nanorods as high performance carbon dioxide sorbents

P. V. Subha,Balagopal N. Nair*, A. Peer Mohamed, G. M. Anilkumar, K. G. K. Warrier, T. Yamaguchi and U. S. Hareesh*

The effective capturing of carbon dioxide using regenarable high capacity sorbents is a prerequisite for industrial applications aiming CO2 capture and sequestration. The removal of CO2 directly from the chemical reaction environments at high temperature is a less energy intensive method of its separation with the added benefit of improved efficiency in equilibrium limited reactions. However, the separation of CO2 at the typical reaction temperatures of 573-1073 K is a challenging task, due to the non-availability of absorbents with kinetics comparable to reaction rates. Moreover their poor durability due to sintering and particle growth on prolonged use at the high temperature is also an impediment to practical applications. Herein, we demonstrate the development of an efficient CO2 absorbent material, made of Li4SiO4 nano rods, with ultrafast sorption kinetics as well as remarkable durability. These nano rods enabled easier surface reaction with CO2 due to shorter diffusion pathway for lithium from the bulk to surface of the rods permitting extremely fast absorption of CO2. Furthermore, the compositional tuning of the materials helped to realize absorbents with extraordinary CO2 absorption rates of 0.72 wt % sec-1 at 100% CO2/923K. The exceptional performance of these absorbents at lower temperatures (573-823K) as well as lower CO2 pressures (0.15 atm) demonstrates their potential in practical CO2 separation applications.

Journal of Material chemistry A

Link: http://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2016/ta/c6ta06133h#!divAbstract