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Recent advances in cancer diagnosis and therapy


Dr. S. Priya on 26th March 2014 at 11:30 am

Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by uncontrolled growth of cells. The earlier it is diagnosed and treated, the better chance of its being cured. Cancer diagnosis begins with a thorough physical exam and laboratory tests to assess the staging that it is necessary for further planning of treatment. Cancer staging often determined by biopsy helps to determine the aggressiveness of cancer type and the extent of cancer spread. Tumour markers are very helpful in each stage of prognosis, diagnosis and treatment. Modern diagnostic procedures involve various techniques such as fluorescence cytoscopy, immunoscintigraphy, positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance spectroscopy imaging. Photodyanamic therapy, molecular targeted therapy and immunotherapy alone or in combination are used in modern treatment modalities. Research is also progressing towards finding of medicine for each person based on their genetic makeup and requirements.