The mission of Agro-Processing and Technology Division is to provide innovative high quality Scientific and technical solutions in the field of process and product development and knowledge generation in the areas related to lipid science, spices & flavors and natural products

Microbial Processes and Technology

The mandate of the Division is to conduct high quality R & D in specific frontier areas of Biotechnology. Significant emphasis is put in exploration and value addition of regional bioresources while ensuring environmental sustainability.


The vision of the division is to be internationally recognized for excellence in discovering new knowledge on functional materials and natural products/bioactive molecules and to develop such molecules/materials for industrial applications

Materials science and technology

The mandate of the materials Division is development of materials for strategic and societal applications. The division has activities related to nano-ceramics

Environmental Technology

Environmental Technology Division (ETD) develops innovative processes and technologies for value addition to resources of the region …

Societal Programms

The institute has an active programme targeting societal development. Recently CSIR has identified CSIR-800 as a thrust area with a vision of inclusive growth and improvement in the quality of life of the 800 million people