Doctoral Programmes


Category 1

Students qualified in CSIR/UGC – JRF/Lectureship examinations and having valid CSIR/UGC fellowship or having DST/DBT/ICMR fellowships etc. would be admitted to the doctoral programme leading to Ph.D degree and would be allowed to register for Ph.D programme in AcSIR or in selected universities.

Category 2

Students who have KSCSTE fellowships can be admitted for Ph.D. programmes and will be permitted to register in the University of Kerala

Category 3

Science Postgraduate students having a minimum period of two years experience in any of the R& D projects at CSIR-NIIST(i) who have qualified GATE/NET(Lectureship) with one publication or (ii) two publications with one first author paper in International peer reviewed journals areallowed to register for the Ph.D. programme in AcSIR.

Engineering Postgraduates students with CSIR-Senior Research Fellowship or having one year experience in any of the R&D projects at CSIR-NIIST, qualified GATEandhaving one publicationin International peer reviewed journals are allowed to register for the Ph.D. programme in AcSIR.

All students of this category need to have minimum two years of assured fellowship for completing the thesis.

Application Procedure

The students with valid fellowships are admitted for Ph.D. programmes through the AcSIR for the sessions starting in January or August sessions and the students are advised to apply through the AcSIR website when the call for is made.

The students with valid fellowships are also admitted during April and October of every year. The candidates seeking admission to Ph.D. programme and eligible under category 1&2 should apply to the Director, NIIST along with supporting documents such as CSIR/UGC NET/DST/ICMR/DBT/KSCSTE Fellowship Award Letters, attested copies of the Marks cards, CV etc. for April session by March 10thand for October session by September 10th of every year.

Admission Procedure

The applications if found suitable would be forwarded to the respective Divisions for assessing the suitability of the candidate vis-à-vis mandate of the division. Only selected candidates would be called for the interview and would be allowed to join for the Ph.D programme in respective divisions. Director, NIIST will have all the powers in the selection and assignment of the candidates to any divisions.