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Title of Technology 

Biofilter: Technology for Industrial Odour Control

Executive Summary

Biofilter technology developed by CSIR-NIIST is unique for treatment of odorous gaseous stream. CSIR-NIIST undertakes careful study of customer requirements before design of the odour control system. NIIST Biofilter technology has been implemented in various industries i.e., shrimp feed plants, fish meal plants, gelatine factory, bone meal factory, composting plant etc. NIIST high-performance, low-cost BIOFILTER MEDIA (US Pat. 6,696,284) has special characteristics like provides moisture, provides support of growth, provides nutrients, provides neutralising agents, low pressure drop, high water holding capacity, enables mass transfer of contaminants from air to microbes, green and eco-friendly material, long life.

Potential Market
Chemical manufacture, food processing, animal farms, sewage treatment, waste oil recycling, pharmaceutical, composting unit, Flavours and fragrances, polyester production, asphalt manufacture, printing shops

Technology Readiness Level – 9