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  • Blue Colored Inorganic Pigments, Having Near Infrared Reflectance, Based On Mixtures of Lanthanum, Strontium, Copper and Lithium Silicate and Process Thereof WO2014033726A1; US20150218340A1; 2686/DEL/2012
  • Lanthanum Phosphate Based Coatings and Monoliths as Non-Reactive Surfaces for Molten Metals EP3197829A2
  • A thermo-laminated multilayered zircon based high temperature co-fired ceramic (htcc) tape and the process thereof WO2017125947A1
  • A Bacterial Consortium for Reducing Perchlorate AND/OR Nitrate and the Process thereof. WO2017125943A1
  • Fluorescent material for self-erasable writing, authentic security labeling, currency counterfeit prevention and processes for the preparation thereof US9255222
  • Novel surface-modification processes for flyash and industrial applications thereof US9080234B2
  • Fluorescent Material for Self-Erasable Writing, Authentic Security Labeling, Currency Counterfeit Prevention and Processes for the Preparation Thereof US9012688
  • A Novel Aza Bodipy Derivative for the Selective Detection of Nitrite Ions in Water: A Process Thereof and Its Application in Waste Water Management EP2948462A2
  • Novel Porphyrin derivatives for Photodynamic Therapy (PDT): a process for the preparation thereof and their use as PDT agents and Fluorescence probes for Biological applications US9040687B2
  • A transparent chitam gel and a process for the preparation thereof US8623336B2
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