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  • An Improved Natural Convection Drier Useful For the Drying Of Coagulated and Pressed Latex Rubber Sheets IN307637
  • A Process for Decomposition of Organic Synthetic Dyes Using Semiconductor-Oxides Nanotubes via Dark Catalysis. IN293723
  • A Novel Diketopyrole Supramolecular Black Dye and Elastomer as a Near Infrared Filter 201711002216
  • Process for the Preparation of Pyrylium Salts 201811004385
  • Hybrid Planar Light Concentrator with Adaptable Transparency 201811008500
  • Screening Kit for Detection of Precancerous Lesions of Cervix and Process for the Preparation Thereof 201811028087
  • Thermoelectric Materials and the Preparation Thereof 201811035273
  • Fluorescent marker for the detection and quantitation of single strand dna under physiological PH conditions IN284314
  • An improved anaerobic process and horizontal twin tube processing device for the extraction of fibres from biomass 3828/DEL/2015
  • An improved method and a device for separation of fats and suspended solids from wastewater IN279467
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