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Status of CSIR patents from RRLT granted in India during 2008

  • A method for anaerobic process coupled seperation and refining of plant materials NFNO:0350NF2005;0525DEL2008/IN(05/03/2008), 33/2009/BD(04/02/2009), PCT/IN2009/000075/WO(04/02/2009)
  • An improved natural convection drier useful for processing Agricultural products NFNO:0366NF1999;0300DEL2000/IN(23/03/2000);226526/IN(17/12/2008)IN(IF/2011)
  • A process for the preparation of artificially flocculated yeast particles NFNO:0379NF2000;0106DEL2001/IN(31/01/2001);217966/IN(31/03/2008);IN(IF/2011)
  • A method for the preparation of modified bioadsorbent particles for the removal of toxic metals and other compounds from water NFNO:0388NF1999;0567DEL2000/IN(09/06/2000);226259/IN(16/12/2008);IN(IF/2011)
  • Process for extraction of Antioxidants from Sesame seed/cake NFNO:0407NF2001;10/642364/US(16/08/2002), 1002DEL2003/IN(14/08/2003);7396554/US(08/07/2008), 227580/
  • A process for the preparation of a novel Ceramic material useful for Microwave integrated circuit applications 213822;0040NF1996/IN;1535DEL1996;(17/01/2008)
  • A process for the production of Peroxidase from plant cell and Callus cultures NFNO:0468NF2003;11/136240/US(25/05/2004), PCT/IB05/01421/WO(25/05/2005), 05741013.6/EP(25/05/2005),
  • A novel in-expensive and efficient process for isolation for imperatorin, a potent inducible Nitric Oxide synthase inhibitor and Anti-inflammatory drug candidate from Aegle Marmelos Correa NFNO:0103NF2004;PCT/IN04/00325/WO(31/03/2004), 10/815107/US(31/03/2004), 2004317862/AU(19/10/2004),
  • An improved dryer useful for processing Agricultural products NF123/98, IPA NO. 3383/DEL/98,IP215126, DT. 21.02.2008 (LICENSED TO 2 PARTIES. ONE IN COMMERCIAL PRO
  • A process for the preparation of a new Microwave Ceramic Dielectric Resonator in the BaO-Nb2O5-TiO2 system NFNO:0280NF1995;0639DEL1996/IN(27/03/1996);216517/IN(14/03/2008);IN(IF/2011)
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