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  • Thermoelectric Materials and the Preparation Thereof 201811035273
  • A Process for Decomposition of Organic Synthetic Dyes Using Semiconductor-Oxides Nanotubes via Dark Catalysis. IN293723
  • Synthesis of ultrafine rutile phase titanium dioxide particles at low temperature IN294839
  • Molecular Probes with High Fluorescence for Solid-State Lighting, Selective Discrimination of Counterions of Zinc, Two Photon Imaging IN303798
  • Dye entrapped sol-gel film based test strip sensor for nitrite and a process thereof IN304520
  • Novel Porphyrin derivatives for Photodynamic Therapy (PDT): a process for the preparation thereof and their use as PDT agents and Fluorescence probes for Biological applications IN294263
  • Inorganic blue pigments from cobalt doped magnesium having transition element oxides and a process for preparing the same 10035914
  • Molecular probes with high fluorescence for solid-state lighting, selective discrimination of counterions of zinc, two photon imaging 10144722
  • A Squaraine Based Fluorescent Probe for Selective Labeling and Sensing of Serum Albumin Proteins, PH Monitoring and Thiol Imaging in cells and a Process for the Preparation Thereof 6360896
  • Semiconductor Oxide Nanotubes-Flyash and Semiconductor Oxide Nanotubes-Metal Oxide Composite Particles, their Processing via Ion-Exchange Mechanism, and Methods for their Recycling in the Dye-removal Application thereof 9993814
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