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Status of CSIR patents from RRLT granted in India during 2012

  • Blue Colored Inorganic Pigments, Having Near Infrared Reflectance, Based On Mixtures of Lanthanum, Strontium, Copper and Lithium Silicate and Process Thereof 2686DEL2012

Status of CSIR Foreign Patents from RRLT granted Abroad during 2012

  • Device for treatment of wastewater 1347942
  • MG2MM\'O6+X,(M=Y, RARE EARTH METAL, AND M\'= SN,SB,ZR,HF AND TA) compounds and a method for the production of the same 2520555
  • Method for continuous production of MGB2 based Superconductors 5123200
  • Yellow inorganic pigment from samarium and molybdenum compounds and a process for preparing the same 8303706
  • Nanocomposite material useful for the preparation 8323732
  • Amphiphilic Squaraine Dyes, a process for the preparation thereof and their use as near Infrared Fluorescence probes for Biological Biochemical and Industrial applications ZL200580052408.2

Status of CSIR patents from RRLT granted in India during 2011

  • Metal Oxide Modified and Unmodified Molecularly Imprinted Conducting Polymer Film Based Aqueous Aminoacid Sensors 0264DEL2011
  • Molecular Probes with High Fluorescence for Solid-State Lighting, Selective Discrimination of Counterions of Zinc, Two Photon Imaging 0367DEL2011
  • An Improved Bioprocess for the Production of L-Methionine Aminopeptidase (L-Map) From Streptomyces Gedanensis 2290DEL2011
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