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  • A Process for Preparation of Ion Imprintedpolymer Particles for Preconcentrative Seperation of Palladium (Ii) Ions Via Solid Phase Extraction 259147
  • Heavier halogen atom substituted squaraine based dyes useful as sensitizers for photodynamic therapeutical and industrial applications IN259773
  • A novel yellow inorganic pigment from samarium and molybdenum compounds and a process for preparing the same AU2009343120B2
  • Process for the Surface-Modification Processes for Flyash and Industrial Applications Thereof AU2010348068B2
  • A transparent chitam gel and a process for the preparation thereof US8623336B2
  • Process for the production of violacein and its derivative deoxyviolacein containing bioactive pigment from Chromobacterium sp. (MTCC5522) EP2545181B1
  • A Novel Method of Developing Nano-Structured Silver Oxide Film Based Aqueous Voltammetric Pesticide Sensor 0264DEL2012; WO2013114404A1
  • A method for processing functionally graded hybrid metal matrix composites 258123
  • Multifunctuinal alcohols from cardanol, its multifunctional acrylic cross-linker and highly pendant phosphorus flame retardant derivatives US20090240078A1
  • An Economical and Efficient Process For Commercial Productin of High Purity Lignans from Sesame Oil US20100204492A1
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