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  • Magnetic dye-adsorbent catalyst US20130105397A1
  • Pyrrole end-capped bipyridine assay powder for selective detection of zinc ions and a process for the preparation thereof US8344150B2
  • White light emitting organogel and process thereof US8529790
  • A Process for the Preparation of Autoflocculant Algal Cultures with High Lipid Content 1016DEL2012
  • A novel cyclic donor-acceptor conjugate, process and a supramolecular fluorescent marker thereof 253901
  • Process for synthesis of telechelic urethane acrylate uv curable pre-polymeric materials IN251853
  • Butadiene linked Cholesterol based Liquid Crystalline materials in which colour images can be recorded and erased using temperature or light 254577
  • Nanocomposite material useful for the preparation superhydrophobic coating and a process for the preparation thereof US8323732
  • Nanocomposite forming Microcapsule useful for guest encapsulation and process thereof US20120225127A1
  • A reusable Thiophene end-capped Bipyridine Fluorescent assay for selective detection of Cyanide anions in Aqueous and Biorelevant samples and process thereof US8372649B2
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