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  • Molecular Imprinted Polymer Particles Ormicro Beads for Selective Detoxification of Endosulphan Contaminated Natural Waters and Process for Preparation Thereof 0314DEL2010
  • A Fluorescent Composite Film Material for Security Documentation and Detection of Chlorinated Solvent Vapors and a Process for the Preparation Thereof 0576DEL2010
  • A process for the preparation of friction dust useful as a friction modifier in brake/clutch facings 242267
  • Novel cholesteric liquid crystal containing photo- responsive Butadiene Chromophore and a process for the preparation thereof IN2006DE01221A
  • Novel imprinted polymer materials for selective Detoxification of Endosulphan contaminated natural waters and process for preparation thereof NFNO:0052NF2009;0314DEL2010/IN(15/02/2010);IN(PP)
  • Non-visualized permanent information recording substrate for use as security label for authentication CA2478711C
  • Melt or solution processable highly conducting polyanilin and process for preparation thereof with pvc and eva DE10014662B4
  • Yellow inorganic pigment from samarium and molybdenum compounds and a process for preparing the same US7837782B2
  • A process for the production of Peroxidase from plant cell and Callus cultures EP2039763B1
  • An Improved Fermentation Process for the Production of Microbial Lipid Containing High Amounts of Gamma-Linolenic Acid 0182DEL2009
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