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  • Technology development for value addition of traditional millets and ancient grainsMillet based ready to eat breakfast mixes, soups and porridges. The process and technology is being optimized and fine-tuned.

    Ancient grains are highly nutritious, high energy food, and in recent years, an important component of health foods. These are highly yield plants with high drought resistant, pest resistant, and therefore being considered as very important agri crops in terms of food security for India.

  • Process for spice based herbal tea bag dips with antidiabetic, cardiovascular protection and immune modulatory propertiesDevelopment and optimization of spice based tea bags with in vitro validation of the health benefits. Value addition of spices for functional food and nutraceutical application.

    Prevention and management of life style associated diseases.

    In vivo studies to confirm the efficacy is to be carried out.

  • Technology for value addition of indigenous vegetables and fruitsDehydrated ready to use vegetables mixes for various culinary applications, dehydrated ready to constitute coconut based chutneys and gravy and dehydrated fruits. The focus is to process maximum quantity of the raw material during the peak harvest period and keep available stock in a safe processed condition for the whole year. The process and technology is optimized.

    Post-harvest management of agro produce is very significant for the sustainable development of the agriculture and related sectors. Shelf life enhancement using various food processing technologies offers tremendous scope for value addition of indigenous fruits and vegetables which are otherwise underutilized. Cost effective dehydration through appropriate mechanism for the selected crops is one of the simple & direct approach for preserving in a stable and safe condition and provides extended shelf life.

  • Technology for extraction of bioactives and dietary fibre from spent materials Process for developing value added products from the bioactives and dietary fibre in the form of functional foods and nutraceuticals for prevention and management of metabolic disorders.

    The extraction of bioactives and dietary fibre from various food industrial as well as agro process by-product.


    1. Waste to wealth
    2. Sustainable development of the industries through effective utilization of spend materials
    3. Environmental protection

  • Swing technology for spice oil, oleoresin and encapsulated flavours from fresh / dry spicesThe recovery of Oils and Oleoresins from fresh and dried spices like Pepper, Ginger, Turmeric, Chilli etc and their encapsulates. fractionated Chilli / Paprika / Byadagi Chilli Oleoresin and Curcumin isolates from Turmeric oleoresin


    1. Fresh flavour retained in the end product
    2. Higher percentage of flavour and active ingredient recovery
    3. Low energy consumption
    4. Less possibility of aflatoxin contamination

  • Process know-how for the fabrication of Polycoir composite materials as wood substitute for building and furniture applications Process involves coir fibre – polymer impregnation followed by compression moulding. Process efficiency is over 90% and the product quality is superior to standard plywood.

    Application/Uses:            As wood substitute in furniture industries for ready to use parts like door shutters, wall panelling, chair shells etc.

  • Process for development of weather resistant coir geotextile Long lasting coir geotextile reinforced road construction can be done. Sea shore protection and protection of river banks with this product will last for more than 5yrs. Unlike with untreated geotextile which will decay within 6 months. This treatment is eco-friendly and costing Rs.15 only per sq m

    This material can be used for construction of roads, protection of sea/river shores with improved strength and without frequent replacements in soil erosion prevention. The cost of treatment is only 10% of the cost of the geotextile.

  • Bio degradable coir mulching mats The coir based mulching mats developed using CSIR-NIIST expertise is an excellent alternative to plastic mulching films.
  • Compact Food waste Bioenergy unitAdvantages:
    1. Compact size,
    2. Higher organic loading rate,
    3. No fresh water consumption,
    4. Higher biogas yield (180-200 lit per Kg waste),
    5. Smell free slurry,
    6. Free from mosquito complaints.

    Many field installations from 50 to  500 Kg/day treating unit

  • Onsite wastewater treatment cum resource recovery unitThe NIIST Onsite wastewater treatment technology (NOWA) is designed for treating wastewater at the point of generation, and for recovering valuable resources. This is a purely biological treatment system integrating both anaerobic and aerobic microbial process units. The major highlights include, it can handle organic rich wastewater (COD ~4000 mg/L), it recovers both biogas and reuse quality water, free from frequent sludge disposal problem, it can be easily retrofitted to existing establishments.
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