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    Squaraine dyes in PDT: from basic design to in vivo demonstration

    The design and development of novel squaraine dyes as sensitisers for photodynamic therapy (PDT) applications has grown tremendously in the last decade from the time when a squaraine dye was proposed to be a potential candidate, to-date when the use of such dyes have been demonstrated in animal models for skin cancer. This perspective article […]

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    Attogram Sensing of Trinitrotoluene with a Self-Assembled Molecular Gelator

    Detection of explosives is of utmost importance due to the threat to human security as a result of illegal transport and terrorist activities. Trinitrotoluene (TNT) is awidely used explosive in landmines and military operations that contaminates the environment and groundwater, posing a threat to human health. Achieving the detection of explosives at a sub-femtogram level […]

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    Improved Dielectric and Mechanical Properties of Polystyrene Hybrid Silica Sphere Composite Induced through Bifunctionalization at the Interface

    Hybrid silica spheres (HS) of size 270−350 nm with vinyl and aminopropyl surface groups were incorporated in polystyrene (PS), and its effect on dielectric properties, coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), and strength of PS−HS composite was studied. Incorporation of HS in PS followed a decrease in the dielectric constant from 3.2 for PS to 2.6 […]

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    Thermally assisted photonic inversion of supramolecular handedness

    Heat and light from the sun may have a strong influence on the molecular chirality and supramolecular handedness of natural creations, such as seashells. In their Communication on page 10505 ff.,A. Ajayaghosh et al. establish that the inherent helicity of a synthetic photochromic molecular self-assembly can be biased towards the opposite direction by the action […]

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    Biodiesel production and prediction of engine performance using SIMULINK model of trained neural network

    Due to depletion and higher prices of crude oil, biodiesel is gaining more importance day by day. Biodiesel is renewable and eco-friendly and its emission profile is much lower than fossil fuels. A large number of researches have been done on identification of new feedstocks and cheaper technologies for biodiesel production. Among many feedstocks used […]

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    MesoTetraki N-confused Porphyrin Tetrasodium Salt: A Potential Sensitizer for Photodynamic Therapy

    A water soluble derivative of N-confused porphyrin (NCP) was synthesized, and the photodynamic therapeutic (PDT) application was investigated by photo-physical and invitro studies. High singlet oxygen quantum yield in water at longer wavelength and promising IC50 values in a panel of cancer cell lines ensure the potential candidacy of the sensitizer as a PDT drug. […]

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    Synthesis and characterization of gold nanoparticle -cored dendrimers stabilized by metal-carbon bonds

    Synthesis of gold nanoparticle-cored dendrimers (NCDs), where the dendrons are attached to the gold core through gold-carbon bonds involved the simultaneous reduction of HAuCl4 and a Fréchet-type dendron with a diazonium group at the focal point, in an organic solvent such as toluene. These materials possessed a nanometer-sized gold core surrounded by a shell of […]

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    Recognition of 5’-GMP through a supramolecular assembly

    Organized assembly of molecules through non-covalent interactions is a powerful tool for generating defined molecular architectures. Although such assemblies have been effectively utilized in host–guest chemistry, metallocyclophanes have rarely been utilized as receptors for nucleotides in aqueous solution. Of all the nucleotides, the recognition of guanosine 5’-monophosphate (5’-GMP) is vital because it acts as an […]

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