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    One-Pot MCR-Oxidation Approach toward Indole – Fused Heteroacenes

    A straightforward synthetic route toward indole-fused heteroacenes was developed. The strategy is composed of a one-pot process starting with a multicomponent reaction of cyclohexanone, primary amine and N-tosyl-3-nitroindole followed by an oxidation step. The one-pot approach was found to be general, affording both symmetric and nonsymmetric indolo[3,2-b]indoles in good yields. The strategy was also utilized […]

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    Heteroannulation of 3- Nitroindoles and 3 – Nitrobenzo[b]thiophenes: A Multicomponent Approach toward Pyrrole-Fused Heterocycles

    P. V. Santhini, Sheba Ann Babu, Akhil Krishnan R., E. Suresh, and Jubi John* A simple, efficient, and general multicomponent reaction involving an enolizable ketone, a primary amine, and an N-protected 3-nitroindole was developed for the synthesis of a range of functionalized pyrrolo[3,2-b]indoles. The methodology was efficaciously utilized for the “pyrroloindoliztion” of natural products, the […]

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    An Unprecedented Amplification of Near- Infrared Emission in a Bodipy Derived -System by Stress or Gelation

    Sandeep Cherumukkil, Samrat Ghosh, Vakayil K. Praveen, and Ayyappanpillai Ajayaghosh* We report an unprecedented strategy to generate and amplify near-infrared (NIR) emission in an organic chromophore by mechanical stress or gelation pathways. A greenish-yellow emitting film of -extended Bodipy-1, obtained from n-decane, became orange-red upon mechanical shearing, with a 15-fold enhancement in NIR emission at […]

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    The Helix to Super-Helix Transition in the Self-Assembly of π-Systems: Superseding of Molecular Chirality at Hierarchical Level

    Mohamed Hifsudheen, Rakesh K. Mishra, Balaraman Vedhanarayanan, Vakayil K. Praveen,* and Ayyapanpillai Ajayaghosh* Higher-order super-helical structures derived from biological molecules are known to evolve through opposite coiling of the initial helical fibers, as seen in collagen protein. A similar phenomenon is observed in a -system self-assembly of chiral oligo(phenyleneethylene) derivatives (S)-1 and (R)-1 that explains […]

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    Morin Inhibits Proliferation of SW480 Colorectal Cancer Cells by Inducing Apoptosis Mediated by Reactive Oxygen Species Formation and Uncoupling of Warburg Effect.

    Thomas Sithara1, 2, K. B. Arun1, H. P. Syama1, T. R. Reshmitha1, 2 and P. Nisha1, 2 * The study under investigation focuses on in vitro antiproliferative efficacy of the flavonoid morin and the mechanisms by which it inhibits the growth of colon cancer using SW480 colon cancer cells with emphasis on Warburg effect. It […]

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    Vitamin C: Sources, Functions, Sensing and Analysis

    Sudha J. Devaki and Reshma Lali Raveendran Vitamin C is a water-soluble compound found in living organisms. It is an essential nutrient for various metabolism in our body and also serves as a reagent for the preparation of many materials in the pharmaceutical and food industry. In this perspective, this chapter can develop interest and […]

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    PEDOT- Reduced Graphene oxide- Silver Hybrid Nanocomposite Modified Transducer for the Detection of Serotonin

    Neethu Kalloor Sadanandhan. Molji Cheriyathuchenaaramvalli, Sudha J Devaki* A. R. Ravindranatha Menon We have developed PEDOT – reduced graphene oxide – silver hybrid nanocomposite (PEDOTNTs/rGO/Ag NPs) modified electrode as a transducer for the detection of serotonin. Structure and properties of the nanocomposites were characterized by XPS, XRD, SEM, TEM, FT-IR, UV–Visible, and Raman spectroscopy. The […]

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    Design of Macroscopically Ordered Liquid Crystalline Hydrogel Columns Knitted with Nanosilver for Topical Applications

    Reshma Lali Raveendran, Nishanth Kumar Sasidharan, and Sudha J. Devaki* The design of liquid crystalline hydrogels knitted with silver nanoparticles in macroscopic ordering is becoming a subject of research interest due to their promising multifunctional applications in biomedical and optoelectronic applications. The present work describes the development of liquid crystalline Schiff-based hydrogel decorated with silver […]

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    Self- Assembled Polyaniline Nanowires Stippled Graphene- 3 – Pentadecylphenyl Phosphate Hybrid Nanocomposite Based Green Sustainable Electrodes for Supercapacitors

    C. Molji, A. Aashish, K. S. Neethu and Sudha J. Devaki* Self-assembled polyaniline nanowires stippled graphene nanocomposites (PGPCs) were prepared by in situ polymerisation of aniline in the presence of 3-pentadecylphenyl phosphate (3-PDPP) modified graphene sheets. 3-PDPP is an amphiphilic dopant derived from cardanol obtained as a waste byproduct from the cashew industry, which serves […]

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    Selective degradation of the recalcitrant cell wall of Scenedesmus quadricauda CASA CC202

    Ragini Reshma1,2 and Muthu Arumugam1,2* Microalgae are the source for many nutritionally important bioactive compounds and potential drugs.. Even though edible microalgae are rich in nutraceutical, bioavailability of all these molecules is very less due to their rigid recalcitrant cell wall. For example, the cell wall of Scenedesmus quadricauda CASA CC202 is made up of […]

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