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    Ionic Liquids / Ionic Liquid Crystals for Safe and Sustainable Energy Storage Systems

    Sudha J. Devaki and Renjith Sasi Ionic liquid crystals are organic salts having synergistic properties of ionic liquids and liquid crystalline materials endowed with non-covalently bound delocalised ion pairs of large organic cations and anions. They can undergo stimulus-responsive anisotropic phase change, followed by enhancement in ionic diffusion and conductivity, which makes them ideal candidates […]

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    Design of Macroscopically Ordered Liquid Crystalline Hydrogel Columns Knitted with Nanosilver for Topical Applications

    Reshma Lali Raveendran, Nishanth Kumar Sasidharan, and Sudha J. Devaki* The design of liquid crystalline hydrogels knitted with silver nanoparticles in macroscopic ordering is becoming a subject of research interest due to their promising multifunctional applications in biomedical and optoelectronic applications. The present work describes the development of liquid crystalline Schiff-based hydrogel decorated with silver […]

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    Nanostructured Poly (3, 4- ethylenedioxythiophene)

    Sudha J Devaki, Neethu Kalloor Sadanandhann This book encompasses an overview of nanostructured anisotropic poly (3, 4- ethylenedioxythiophene), its preparation, properties and multifunctional applications. Through this article, authors try to generate enthusiasm among researchers towards the properties and applications nanostructured PEDOT which can bring revolution in flexible microelectronic industry especially in the consumer market and […]

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    CuBr/ TBHP- mediated synthesis of N-acyl sulfonimidamides via the oxidative cross-coupling of sulfonimidamides and aldehydes.

    Ganesh Chandra Nandi* and Cijil Raju Org. Biomol. Chem., 2017 DOI: 10.1039/C6OB02589G

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    Self–assembly of Anacardic Acid Derived Cation– modified Montmorillonite into ’Arthropodal’ Branched Nanofibers

    Asha Susan Chacko and Vadakkethonippurathu Sivankuttynair Prasad* Montmorillonite (MMT) was organo-modified with tri-(2- carboxy-3-pentadeca-8,11,14]-trienylphenoxy) aminopropylsilyl sulfate cation, synthesized from anacardic acid (AA), a biomonomer by cation exchange and characterized. The modified product (AAM) showed a decreased crystallinity with an increase in d-spacing of MMT from 1.47 nm to 2.29 nm attributed to intercalation by modification. […]

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    Semi-interpenetrating network composites of poly (lactic acid) with cis-9-octadecenylamine modified cellulose-nanofibers from Areca catechu husk

    Sumesh Soman, Asha Susan Chacko, Vadakkethonippurathu Sivankuttynair Prasad Poly(lactic acid)/cellulose-nano fiber (PLA/CNF) composites were prepared with CNF synthesized from the areca husk fibers (AHF) by TEMPO-mediated oxidation for the first time and the properties were evaluated. MCNF synthesized by the controlled amidation of CNF with cis-9-octadecenylamine (OA) resulted in PLA/MCNF composites with higher mechanical properties […]

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    Dietary fibre and phenolic-rich extracts from Musa paradisiacal inflorescence ameliorates type 2 diabetes and associated cardiovascular risks

    K.B. Arun , Sithara Thomas, T.R. Reshmitha , G.C. Akhil , P. Nisha*(2017) The present study investigated nutraceutical properties of Musa paradisiaca (Nendran variety) inflorescence (PI). PI was found to be a rich source of soluble (SDF) and insoluble dietary fibre (12.45 and 53.31% respectively). SDF exhibited potential glucose and cholesterol adsorption capacity. Ethyl acetate […]

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    DNA and mitochondrial protective effect of lycopene rich tomato (Solanumlycopersicum L.) peel extract prepared by enzyme assisted extraction against H2O2 induced oxidative damage in L6 myoblasts

    T.R. Reshmitha, Sithara Thomas, S. Geethanjali, K.B. Arun, P. Nisha * (2017) Lycopene rich extracts (ETE) were prepared by enzyme assisted extraction of tomato peel. Oxidative damage was induced in L6 myoblasts by exposing cells to H2O2 in presence and absence (control) of ETE. The potential of ETE to protect cells from oxidative damage was […]

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    Morus alba leaf lectin (MLL) sensitizes MCF-7 cells to anoikis by inhibiting fibronectin mediated integrin-FAK signaling through Ras and activation of P38 MAPK

    Saranya J, Shilpa G, Raghu KG, Priya S* Anoikis induction in cancer cells has a significant role in preventing early stage metastasis. In the present study, we have demonstrated the effect of Morus alba leaf lectin (MLL) on anoikis induction in MCF-7 cells. MLL treatment in monolayers of MCF-7 cells caused significant detachment of cells […]

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    Fine tuning compact ZnO blocking layers for enhanced photovoltaic performance in ZnO based DSSC: a detailed insight using β recombination, EIS, OCVD and IMVS techniques

    Swetha Sasidharan, Suraj Soman,* Sourava Chandra Pradhan,c Narayanan Unni K. N,* Abdul Azeez Peer Mohamed, Balagopal Narayanan Nair and Unnikrishnan Nair Saraswathy Hareesh* The electron-hole recombination and back electron flow at the conducting oxide-mesoporous film interface in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs) are addressed primarily by the use of pre-blocking layers. Herein, the effects of zinc […]

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