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  • Science Outreach Programme

    November 15, 2016 Venue: CSIR-NIIST Auditorium

  • Diamond Jubilee Technology Award 2015-2016
  • Novel Technologies

    Novel Technologies and Engineering Approaches to Sanitation in South India

  • Impact of Climate Change on Environment

    Climate change has a human dimension. Minimizing emissions of CO and other gases even today,did not have much effect and the impact of climate change…

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    Color-Tunable Cyano-Substituted Divinylene Arene Luminogens as Fluorescent pi-Gelators

    F. Aparicio, S. Cherumukkil, A. Ajayaghosh* and L. Sánchez* The synthesis of three cyano-substituted divinylene pi-gelators is reported. The modulation of the color is achieved by placing the cyano groups in appropriate position of the conjugated backbone, thus modulating the donor−acceptor interaction. Variable-temperature UV/Vis data have been utilized to investigate the self-assembly of the gelators […]

  • Walk-In-Interview for the selection of Project Assistant Gr.III (Advt.PA/02/2016)
  • Walk-In-Interview for the selection of Project Assistant Gr.II (Advt.PA/02/2016)
  • Walk-In-Interview for the selection of Project Assistant Gr.III (Advt.PA/03/2016)
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    Cold Crystallization of PDMS and PLLA in Poly(L‑lactide‑b‑dimethylsiloxane‑b‑L‑lactide) Triblock Copolymer and Their Effect on Nanostructure Morphology

    S. Nagarajan and E. Bhoje Gowd Poly(L-lactide-b-dimethylsiloxane-b-L-lactide)(PLLA-b-PDMS-b-PLLA) triblock copolymer was synthesized by ring-opening polymerization of L-lactide using bis-(hydroxyalkyl)-terminated PDMS as a macroinitiator. The block copolymer was immiscible in the melt, and the melt morphology was preserved upon cooling the melt to −120 °C. It was also observed that at moderate cooling rates PDMS and PLLA […]

  • Applications invited from experienced medical practitioners (Allopathy) for part-time engagement at CSIR-NIIST Dispensary
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