Agro Processing and Technology

Studies on enzyme assisted extraction of active compounds from spices

006The main objective of the study was to investigate the effect of enzymes in the process of extraction of spices. The enzymes used were Lumicellulae and Lumibake P10 in a mixture. The treatment of enzymes in spices prior to their extraction was found to have significant effect on the oil extraction. The action of enzymes on cell wall of pepper and cardamom were confirmed by scanning electron microscopy.

The results revealed cell wall disruption which facilitated the increase in yield of volatile and fixed oil. The enzymes used could hydrolyse the cellular wall and bonds in the spice materials. Enzyme assisted extraction gave an increase in yield of volatile oil compared to conventional extraction. The GC-MS analysis proved that the content of the major pungency producing compounds in spices extracts were increased on enzyme treatment. Piperine and caryophyllene from pepper, terpenylacetate from cardamom, zingeberine from ginger had an increase on enzyme treatment. The volatile oil obtained was clearer. There was an increase in monoterpene oxygenated and sesquiterpene compounds.