Agro Processing and Technology

Studies on value addition of jackfruit

005The study covered raw tender and ripe jackfruits of two commonly found varieties (firm bulb and soft bulb). The antioxidant potential of the juices, methanolic extracts of raw jackfruit, jackfruit wastes and that of the seeds of both the varieties were evaluated in terms of total phenolic content, DPPH radical scavenging activity, ABTS radical cation scavenging activity and total reducing power. It was found that all the extracts exhibited antioxidant potential and the juices possessed the maximum antioxidant capacity. The juice of firm variety showed better DPPH scavenging activity (IC50= 5.04) than the standard gallic acid (IC50= 5.47). The ABTS+ scavenging activity of both the juices were (IC50 3.03 [soft], 2.135 [firm]) found to be higher than that of the standard trolox (IC50= 4.732). Cutlets made from raw tender jackfruit were highly appreciated by the sensory panelists. Jackfruit leather has got a potential market inside as well as outside the country as in the case of mango leather. Jackfruit leather was prepared with/without the addition of spices and the chemical as well as sensory quality were also evaluated. Further study is warranted to improve the quality of the product to make it commercially acceptable by the consumers.