Materials Science and Technology

Synthesis of porous SiC preforms using inorganic salt pore forming technique

005Porous SiC preforms with 53% porosity and a compression strength of 4 MPa have been successfully synthesized by inorganic salt pore forming technique. The silica coated SiC particles mixed with varying proportions of inorganic salt were pressure compacted and heated at various temperature ranging from 600-1200oC. For the particles heated at 1000o C, the salt was partially melted and the rest was leached out. This method will be used for synthesizing selective reinforced functionally graded Al matrix composites. This preform technique will be adopted for fabrication of functionally graded Al MMC brake liner, which will be compatible with the already developed and successfully tested Al FGMMC brake rotor disc used for sports utility vehicles. FGMMC brake liner is expected to have better tribological properties than the phenolic liners when used with Al FGMMC.