Environmental Technology

White pepper production

White pepper is decorticated pepper (Piper nigrum L.). It is produced by removing the outer skin of fresh or dried black pepper to meet the global demand of more than a lakh tonnes/year. Increasing demand of white pepper and higher price are attractions to its large scale production.

The institute’s anaerobic leach bed technology for white pepper production technology, the process completes in 2 days for fresh pepper and 4 days for dried black pepper. The anaerobic process enables simultaneous conversion of the degraded skin to biogas and makes the process clean. This process has been licensed to more than a dozen farmers and industries and is now used for commercial production. An engineered system comprising bottom discharge retting tanks and UASB reactor has been designed and the first plant of this kind is being constructed by Kerala Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. (KAICO Ltd), at Sultan Battery, Wayanad, Kerala.