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Doctoral Theses


Dr. C. R. Chenthamarakshan

Pyrrole-Derived Oligo and Polysquaraines: Synthesis, Optical Properties and Conductivity Studies (1997), University of Kerala

Dr. Raju Francis

Xanthate-Derived Photosensitive Monomeric Initiators: Synthesis, Characterization and Polymerization Studies (1998), University of Kerala

Dr. Joby Eldo

Synthesis and Studies of Low Band Gap Squaraines Polymers and Their Model Compounds Derived from Pyrrole End-Capped Conjugated Monomers (2001), University of Kerala

Dr. E. Arunkumar

Synthesis and Studies of Novel Cation Sensors: Bichromophoric Squaraine Foldamers and Their Monochromophoric Analogues (2004), University of Kerala

Dr. Subi Jacob George

Oligo(p-phenylenevinylene) Derived Organogels: A Novel Class of Functional Supramolecular Materials (2005), Cochin University of Science and Technology

Dr. V. K. Praveen

Oligo(p-phenylenevinylene) Derived pi-Gels: Modulation of Optical Properties and Application as Excitation Energy Donor Scaffolds (2007), University of Kerala

Dr. Reji Varghese

Self-assembly of Linear-Conjugated Molecules: p-Phenylenevinylene Versus p-Phenyleneethynylene (2007), University of Kerala

Dr. C. Vijayakumar

Design, Synthesis and Self-Assembly of a Few Oligo(p-phenylenevinylene) Derivatives: Control of Chromophore Assemblies and Optical Properties of pi-Organogels (2008), University of Kerala

Dr. Priya Carol

Synthesis and Studies of p-Extended Squaraines and Cation Probes Derived from Conjugated Bispyrroles (2009), University of Kerala

Dr. P. Chithra

Squaraine Based Molecular Probes (2009), University of Kerala

Dr. S. Santhosh Babu

Control on Optical and Morphological Properties of Oligo(p-phenylenevinylene) Self-Assemblies (2009), University of Kerala

Dr. S. Mahesh 

Controlled Self-Assembly of p-Phenyleneethynylene Derivatives to Diverse Supramolecular Architecture (2010), Cochin University of Science and Technology

Dr. S. Sreejith 

Design, Synthesis and Study of a Few Donor-Acceptor-Donor (D-A-D) Molecules as Molecular Probes and Logic Gates (2010), University of Kerala

Dr. S. Srinivasan 

Self-Assembled Functional Hybrid Materials: Design of Stable Organogels, Superhydrophobic Coatings and Fluorescent Imaging Materials (2010),  University of Kerala

Dr. S. Prasanth Kumar 

Organogelators: Design, Synthesis and Self-assembly of Oligo(thienylenevinylene) Derived Molecular Wires (2012), University of Kerala

Dr. Divya K. P.

Donor-Acceptor-Donor (D-A-D) Type Small Molecules and Oligomers: Photophysical Properties, Analyte Responses and Conformational Changes (2012), University of Kerala

Dr. Anesh Gopal

Design, Synthesis and Study of p-Phenyleneethynylene Based Linear pi-Conjugated Organogelators (2013), University of Kerala

Dr. Krishnan Kartha K.

Exploring Oligo(p-Phenylenevinylene) Gelators as Sensors and Stimuli Responsive Materials (2014), Cochin University of Science and Technology

Dr. Anees P.

Squaraine Based Fluorescent Probes for Sensing and Imaging of Various Bio-Analytes (2016), AcSIR

Dr. Rahul Dev Mukhopadhyay

Chemistry and Applications of a Few Tailor-Made Metal-Organic Materials (2017), AcSIR

Dr. Vedhanarayanan B.

Self-Assembled Functional Hybrid Materials of Carbon Allotropes and Extended pi-Systems for Various Applications (2017), AcSIR

Dr. Divya Susan Philips

A Study on Single and Multiphoton Active Squaraine Derivatives (2017), AcSIR

Dr. Vishnu S.

A Study on Donor-Acceptor Interactions in pi-Gels and pi-Conjugated Polymers (2017), AcSIR

Dr. Sandeep C.

Meso-pi-Extended Bodipy Derivatives: Self-Assembly, Optical Properties and Applications (2017), AcSIR

Dr. Samrat Ghosh

Self-Assembly and Properties of Low Band Gap Diketopyrrolopyrrole Derivatives (2018), AcSIR

Dr. Sandeep A.

Self-Assembly, Organogelation and Photophysical Properties of C3-Symmetrical Discotic Molecules (2018), Cochin University of Science and Technology

Dr. R. Thirumalai Kumaran

Fluorescence Modulation and Application of Self-Assembled p-Phenyleneethynylene Derivatives (2018), Cochin University of Science and Technology

Dr. K. V. Sudheesh

Luminescent Probes for Organelle Targeted Imaging, Photodynamic Therapy and Theranostic Applications (2018 ), AcSIR

Dr. Mohamed Hifsudheen

Design, Synthesis, Self-Assembly and Chiroptical Properties of Chiral Oligo(p-phenyleneethynylene) derivatives

(2018), AcSIR

Dr. Arindam Mal

Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Ionic Covalent Organic Nanosheets (2018), AcSIR

Dr. Satyajit Das  

Photochemically and Thermally Controlled Physical Properties of Self-assembled pi-Systems (2020), AcSIR

Dr. Saranya Giridharan

Design, Synthesis and Studies on New Molecular Probes for Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer (2020), AcSIR

Dr. Gourab Das

Self-Assembly and Optical Properties of Phenyleneethynylene and BODIPY Based pi-Systems (2020), AcSIR