Research Projects

Dr Ajayaghsoh

Dr. A. Ajayaghosh


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Research Projects


  • Organic Dye Based Macromolecular Electronic Conductors, Receptors and Noncovalent Assemblies: Synthesis and Properties of Novel Materials Derived from Oligo- and Polysquaraines(1998-2001) at DST, Government of India, amount: 16,22,788, completed
  • Crafting of Macromolecular Materials from Supramolecular Assemblies(2001-2006) at DST-Swarnajayanti Scheme, Government of India, amount: 54,00,000, completed
  • Chiral p-Electronic Gels and Helical Nanostructures: Self-Assembly of Conjugated Molecules to Photoactive Organic Materials(2004-2007) at DST, Government of India, amount: 58,20,000, completed
  • Ramanna Fellowship(2006-2009), at DST, Government of India, amount: 34,80,000, completed
  • Functional Nanomaterials of p-Conjugated Molecules(2007-2010), at DST, Government of India, amount: 1,31,90,000, completed
  • Molecular and Supramolecular Architectures with Optoelectronic Functions(2009-2014) at DAE, Government of India, amount: 97,42,000, completed
  • Detection of Zinc in Epileptic Condition Using Ratiometric Fluorescent Molecular Probes(2013-2016) at DBT, Government of India, amount: 16,72,000, completed
  • Fluorescent Molecules and Assemblies for Sensing and Imaging(2015-2020) at DST-JC Bose Fellowship, Government of India, amount: 84,20,000, on going


International Projects


  • Photo and electroactive supramoleculat assebmlies of squarine based rod-coil polymers and their model systems(2001-2002) at DST-DAAD, amount: 4,24,540, completed
  • Hydrogen-Bond Directed Self-assembly  of p-Conjugated Rigid-Rod Molecules(2006-2008) at DST-JSPS, amount: 3,83,300, completed
  • Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials of Polymeric Gels(2007-2010) at CEFIPRA, amount: 12,18,000, completed
  • Polychromophoric Supramolecular Assemblies of p-Conjugated Oligomers and Polymers for the Detection of Gaseous Molecules(2010-2012) at DST-JSPS, amount: 6,29,000, completed
  • Organic Semiconductor based Self-assembliesand Gelators for Field Effect Transistors and Photovoltaics(2013-2015) at DST-JSPS, amount: 4,84,000, completed
  • Development of New Functional Dyes for Solar Light  Harvesting Through Manipulation of Exciton Interaction(2015-2017) at DST-JSPS, amount: 6,34,000, completed