• Initiated setting up two commercial ventures in the state of Sikkim and Mizoram for processing of fresh ginger.
  • Oxalis corniculata extract protects the myocardium against ischemic insult by its antioxidative and antihyperlipidemic activities
  • Ethanolic extract of Boerhaavia diffusa contains significant amount of phenolics which ameliorate the oxidative stress induced by neurotoxic agents in the brain homogenate.
  • Cashew apple wine showed improved antioxidant activity as compared with juice
  • Ethyl acetate extract of Cocos nucifera female flowers showed high antibacterial activity against Staphylococos aureus.
  • Pretreatment of enzymes (Lumicellulae and Lumibake P10 in a mixture) in spices (pepper and cardamom) prior to their extraction was found to have significant effect on the oil extraction.
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