• R&D, Industry interface programmes (sponsored & consultancy) for product and process development, technology up-gradation and scientific validation of health benefits.
  • Red palm olein (RPO) based functional food products (functional vegetable oil & soft gel) for vitamin A deficiency.
  • Pharmacological evolution of bioactive compounds from plants for metabolic disorder and Cancer.
  • Bio-Processing of botanicals for active ingredient extraction through industrially important enzymes from native microbes.
  • Bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides from microbes with special emphasis on endophytic organisms.
  • Development of mitochondrial antioxidant micronutrients through conjugation of triphenyl phosphonium with natural products.
  • Dietary fibre from agri/food processing spent materials as metabolic enhancers.
  • Acrylamide in foods and its mitigation strategies.
  • Non-dairy beverages and delivery systems for nutritional and bioactive components.
  • Source identification and validation of vegetarian proteins for geriatric health care applications.
  • Value added products from traditional grains and underutilised fruits and vegetables.
  • Biochemical, cellular and molecular level validation studies of specific treatment regimens employed in Ayurveda
Research Highlights

Moments of Workshop