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Indigenous Casting Simulation Software for Small & Medium Scale Foundries

A Multi-Physics Metal Casting Simulation Software – FLOW+

The Virtual Casting core technology developed by the Computational Modelling& Simulation Group was transferred, commercialized and is being licensed with royalty earnings to industry and academia (as an educational tool). Being reasonably priced, it gives the much needed simulation advantage to small and medium scale foundries. It has been integrated into AutoCAST-X1 as FLOW+providing advanced solidification simulation, defect analysis and quality assurance, across a range of metals and processes. It computes coupled mold filling and casting solidification, with minimal user inputs. Key results include temperature history, liquid metal fraction, solidification time, cooling curves, and air fraction. Major defects like misrun, cold shut, air blow hole, shrinkage porosity, and hard zone can be predicted and then eliminated by quickly modifying methods design within the same environment.

NIIST establish a pilot plant for solid waste management

Online edition of India\’s National Newspaper Saturday, Feb 28, 2009

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