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Climate change has a human dimension. Minimizing emissions of CO and other gases even today,did not have much effect and the impact of climate change may persist for decades. Adaptation to the changes in different dimensions is the inevitable solution for climate change. This requires adaptation policies among national and international communities. Development of Technology coupled with science is the challenge for adaptation. Technology to assess vulnerability and adaptation as per vulnerability is not an easy task. This requires multidisciplinary approach. The National Workshop on Impact of Climate Change on the Environment is a product of the project entitled “Vulnerability Assessment and Development of Adaptation strategies for climate change impact with special reference to coasts and Island ecosystem of India (VACCIN)supported by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India. This is an e’science initiative and data intensive project of fourth paradigm. The workshop is an initiative of work packages from Centre for Ocean, Rivers, Atmosphere and Land Sciences (CORAL), Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, Department of Marine Sciences, University of Kolkata and Climate Change Informatics, CSIR-NISCAIR.

There is an urgency to develop the technology for various scenario of climate change to adapt. VACCIN project have specific strategies to develop technology / to apply existing technology for application under different environmental regimes for climate change impact. The workshop is organised to disseminate technologies of VACCIN project for the information and benefits of scientific community in India. The proposed workshop will cover Remote sensing , GIS and its application with particular reference to indicators of the climate change impacts Land use identification and its planning, Coastal erosionmapping and impact of sea water intrusion.

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Impact of Climate Change