IT Lab


“Creation and Management of a globally competent dynamic information communication resource facility by blending the normal and IT oriented information systems with the objective of making information for action and ultimately enabling the scientists to do better and innovative R&D”


Creation of Computer-Communication Network system facility leading to a wide range of information services and applications

Development of better and meaningful information interfacing with the researchers of the lab

A reasonably good IT infrastructure facilitating Computer – Communication – Information Network system consisting of an extensive Campus Wide Local Area Network (CWLAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) segments with Leased Line Connectivity and a fairly good communication Bandwidth, with a need based upgradation strategy / policy.  A host of allied services are rendered such as extensive e-Mail and Internet facilities with 100% coverage of the Laboratory, the Lab’s web page development and maintenance, Intranet facility and programmes leading to a ‘Virtual Campus’ development.

IT/network related system facilities and services

A reasonably good IT-enabled systems facilities and services have been introduced whereby the Laboratory has the distinction of appearing in the map of the few leading CSIR institutions in respect of the infrastructure and related services.  The existing facilities include,

Computer – Communication network system facilities

Campus Wide Local Area Network (CWLAN)

The campus wide local area network with more than 400 terminals interconnected with commissioning by a switch-to-switch fibre Optic link between buildings of the laboratory. This has access facility for Internet and e-Mail operations from all the functional rooms (100% coverage) with 2 MBPS leased line facility of BSNL thus enabling the users to extensively use the Internet and e-Mail facilities across the lab and round the clock.

IT Lab