Method for continuous production of MGB2 based superconductors

Abhilasj Kumar Raveendran Nair Girijaku Mari Amma, Vinod Krishnan Kutty, Sarun Pallian Murikoli, Aloysius Rajappan Padmavathy, Guruswamy Perumal, Thennavarajan Subramanian, Syamaprasad Upendran

A process for the continuous production of superconductors on the basis of magnesium diboride in the form of rods, wires, strips and tapes, the method comprising the steps of:
a. Providing a metal tube which is closed at one end, and loading through the open end with a mixture of finely ground Mg powder and amorphous boron powder in an atomic ratio in the range of 1: 1.8 to 1: 2.2, optionally with additives
b. Evacuating the above said tube through open end under vacuum of about 0.01 torr by conventional methods and flattening the unfilled portion of the above tube at a pressure of about 1 GPa,
c. Sealing the open end of the above-loaded tube by cold welding without melt (flux) by applying conventional methods,
d. Deforming the above-mentioned sealed tube by groove or flat rolling to obtain the desired deformed rod or strip form,
e. electrical self-heating by hot rolling …