A Bacterial Consortium for Reducing Perchlorate AND/OR Nitrate and the Process thereof.

Krishnakumar Bhaskaran, Anupama Vijaya Nadaraja

The present invention discloses a novel microbial process for decontaminating (per)chlorate and/or nitrate containing matrices. A heterotrophic mixed microbial culture expressing the functional genes responsible for (per) chlorate and nitrate reduction is the major component of the process. The present process can be a better substi tute for existing processes for decontaminating per chlorate contaminated propellant wastewater, ion exchange resin/regenerate solutions, etc. The con sortium conists or comprises of Halomonas sp. NIIST-PRB-02 (MTCC No. 591 1), Bacillus sp. NIIST-PRB-03 (MTCC No. 5912) and Serratia marcescens strain NIIST5 (MTCC No. 5821).