An improved method and a device for separation of fats and suspended solids from wastewater

Vattackatt Balakrishnan Manilal, Ajit Haridas

A biological method is devised by which fats and solids in wastewaters are separated and removed for further recovery or treatments. The process is established by mixing of the wastewaters with anaerobic sludge under biological conditions, resulting in biochemical reactions to produce metabolites including gases, and enabling separation of fats and solids from suspended and colloidal constituents which are otherwise affected the decontamination treatments, especially anaerobic and aerobic methods. In the process biologically separated fats and solids are floated and accumulated over the liquid in the system. The individually segregated fats and solids or as their combined sludge is removed at least by a device presented where sludge is allowed to drain or sucked from the top of the liquid and collected for further processing while the gas out put, if any from the system can be tapped for energy applications separately. The present invention enables simultaneously to clarify complex wastewaters by removing the fats or solids and leaving mainly the dissolved impurities for their trouble free and effective treatment further, in case required.