An Improved Natural Convection Drier Useful For the Drying Of Coagulated and Pressed Latex Rubber Sheets

Pokkattu Pathrose Thomas, Thiruthanathil Pathrose Poulose, Kumara Pillai Rajendra Prasad, Murukan Krishnamma Praveen, Kirshna Paniker Viswanathan, Jayaram Reghu Rama Das, Varghese Payattuvila George

In the improved natural convection drier of the present invention, there is provided drier and furnace compartments, wherein air and smoke generated by burning cellulosic materials, such as agricultural waste materials in a furnace provided with fins on the outer surface of the furnace, rises through a duct and enters from the top of the drier chamber guided through a series of combination of vertical and horizontal baffles. In the drier chamber the wet rubber sheets are hung using rods and fixtures. When smoke mixed with air comes into contact with the wet rubber sheets the air temperature of the smoke air mixture drops, and is pushed down and finally to the atmosphere through a bottom opening. In the the rubber sheets get dried. The smoke and air mixture rising upwards from the furnace directed through a series of vertical and horizontal baffles enables to quench the naked flame or burning (glowing/shining) particles that may accompany the smoke-air mixture. In the improved natural convection drier of the present invention, the air flow passage is in the downward direction through the material to be dried. Thus the improved natural convection drier of the present invention eliminates the chances of fire and burning of the wet rubber sheets hung in the drying chamber of the drier and dries the wet rubber sheets to high quality dried rubber sheets. The drier can be advantageously used by farmers.