Molecular probes with high fluorescence for solid-state lighting, selective discrimination of counterions of zinc, two photon imaging

Ayyappanpillai Ajayaghosh, Kizhumuri P. Divya, Sampath Srinivasan

The present invention is to provide highly solid state emis sive fluorophores of the formula 1 and 2 useful for the solid state lighting . The formula 1 and 2 have good solid state emission in blue and green region respectively . The zinc complexes of formula 1A and 2A have yellow and red emission respectively in solid state . The present invention also provide high solid state emissive assay of formula 1 and 2 to convert UV light into visible light by coating the color tunable materials on the 365 – nm emitting solid state LED . The present invention further provides carbazole end capped bipyridine for screening of metal salts with different counterions in solutions . The discrimination of the various metal salts can be monitored by noting the fluorescence change in solution . The zinc salts with different counterions have different emission color in solution . The present inven tion also develop a new two photon active fluorescent Zn2 + specific probe for detecting Zn2 + in cellular environments . Assay with formula 3 is used as a fluorescent probe for two photon imaging of Zn2 + ions in HeLa cells . The high two photon absorption cross section and fluorescence quantum yield of formula 3 made it as a useful probe for detecting Zn2 + in cellular environment by two photon excited fluo rescence imaging.