Multifunctuinal alcohols obtained from Cardanol, Multifunctional Acrylic Crosslinker and Pendant Phosphorous Flame Retardant Derivatives thereof

Vadakkethonippurathu Sivankutty Nair Prasad, Chennakkattu Krishna Sadasivan Pillai

Multifunctional alcohols, polyols derived from cardanol containing at least 3 hydroxyl groups are disclosed. Such alcohols allow for synthesis of multifunctional crosslinkers such as acrylates, epoxies, and vinyl ethers and flame retardants such as >phosphates. The multifunctional alcohols or polyols can be used in polyurethanes and polycarbonates. The multifunctional crosslinkers can be used in optical coating and waveguide compositions to increase curing speed and crosslink density. The multifunctional phosphates can be used in flame resistant plastics as the highly pendant phosphorus containing phosphate non-halogen flame retardant additives.