Process for Quercetin rich Antioxidant extract and Quercetin enriched Microencapsulated flavour from red onion (Allium cepa. L)

Arumughan Chami, Madam Vadirajan Venugopalan Velupparambu, Madhavan Pillai Sreekumar Madayil, Madhavan Soumya Nuyampaditharayil, Devaseni Sreevidya Sukumaran

The present invention deals with a process of preparing quercetin enriched and microencapsulatedflavored bioactive fraction from red onion (Allium cepa L), wich possesses significant antioxidantand chelation properties. The present invention further deals with a process for commercial dewatering of onion for the preparation of microencapsulated flavored bioactive fraction from redonion (Allium cepa L).