Synthesis of ultrafine rutile phase titanium dioxide particles at low temperature

Devasagayam Surender Gerald, Kariumpanoor John Ani, Rajendra Prasad Kumara Pillai, Savithri Sivaraman

Process for the synthesis of titanium dioxide particles in rutile phase by gas phase hydrolysis oftitanium tetrachloride comprising the steps of: 
a) a separate evaporation of a titanium tetrachloride liquid of water and an organic dopant for generating a reactant mixture; 
b) mixing the vaporized TiCl 4, H 2 O and the organic dopant in a flow-through aerosol reactor at atemperature in the range of 80 to 135 ° C; 
c) collecting the thereby produced amorphous titanium dioxide particles as a dry powder; 
d) calcination of the amorphous titanium dioxide powder at a temperature in the range of 150 to 400 ° C to obtain titanium dioxide particles in rutile phase.