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Title of Technology 

Process Know How for the Development of Ceramic Microfiltration Membranes for Separation Applications

Executive Summary

Process know-how is available for the membrane coating technology on multi-channelled/tubular ceramic membranes (1 m length and 0.034 m diameter) for microfiltration (80-100nm) applications, including juice clarification and industrial water recycling. The package includes know how for synthesis of water based sols and slurries and the coating process for membrane deposition. It gives clear water flux in the range of 100-225 LMH and with >99% turbidity removal. The membrane support tubes are developed by CSIR-CGCRI, Kolkata. A pre-pilot plant level manufacturing facility is established at M/s H & R Johson at Penn, Mumbai under financial support from DST-TSDP.

Potential Market

Microfiltration Ceramic membranes find immense application in various industrial filtration applications and are believed to be of Rupees 2000 Crores market. The need for industrial water recycling through removal of suspended solids opens up the market for ceramic membranes. In addition to this industrial application potential is envisaged in the area of juice clarification and beverages industry.

Technology Readiness Level – 6