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A critical review on different harvesting techniques for algal based biodiesel production

The fuels retrieved from renewable sources which are usually employed as both carbon and energy sources are termed as neutral based biofuels. The most promising feedstock from renewable sources with great potentiality in contributing to the inclining energy demand is microalgae. These microalgae can be harnessed readily in terms of obtaining qualitative biodiesel with greater energy consumption under limited operational cost. The process of harvesting or dewatering microalgae could be carried under single or sequential combinations of operations. The major drawback of harvesting such as huge operational cost could be lowered by increasing the level of automation than cost of investments. The present review concentrates and explores on the techno-economic analysis of the microalgal harvesting and dewatering processes on a large scale. Along with these advanced techniques enclosing the utilization of nanoparticles for harvesting has also been explored. And it also adds with the impacts of concerning facts on energy consumption, processing cost and recovery of resources during harvesting.