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Consumer Nanoproducts for Food [Book Chapter]

The food and agriculture sector, both in developing and developed countries, had witnessed a phenomenal revolution with the help of nanotechnology since 2003. This smart technology has been facilitating transformations in the agriculture sector, specifically through the means of (i) nano-modification of seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides (ii) interactive smart foods like nano-encapsulated flavours, nano-emulsions and anti-caking agents (iii) novel food fortification and modification strategies to elevate neutraceutical values with enhanced bioavailability of nutrients. In addition, nanomaterials were also developed to evaluate cultivation of food, quality and food safety, and checking of ecological circumstances. Presently nanotechnology has a global impact on the food industry with predicted profit over 3 trillion USD, and an abundance of nearly 6 million employment in the surging industries worldwide. These food associated ventures are participated in the growth and advertising of nanotechnology driven foods and related products with improved attributes like performance, aesthetic taste, and security. Amazingly, there is an abundance of such goods that are developed and have now been supplied by these food industries over the past decade. In this chapter, the most recent nanotechnology driven prospects in cuisine and cultivation sections are discussed as emphasizing nano-products that reached the consumer, those under development, associated regulations and challenges from selected recent studies.