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Magnetization Sign Reversal, Exchange Bias, and Griffiths-Like Phase In Orthorhombic Perovskite Pr2FeMnO6


•Orthorhombic Pr2FeMnO6 shows negative magnetization at low applied magnetic fields.
•The interaction between two magnetic components leads to the negative magnetization.
•The transition from ferromagnetic to paramagnetic phase is observed at Tc?=?576?K.
Exchange bias observed below 200?K is due to magnetic exchange anisotropy.
•Short range ferromagnetic correlation lead to Griffiths-like phase in Pr2FeMnO6.

The perovskite Pr2FeMnO6 has been synthesized by citrate-gel combustion method. The material has an orthorhombic crystal structure with Pbnm space group. The presence of Fe3+ and Mn3+ cations in the material are confirmed by XPS analysis. A magnetization sign reversal is observed for the material at low-temperatures in low applied magnetic fields. When the applied field or temperature is increased, the negative magnetization got diminished. Such a sign reversal of magnetization is observed for the material as a result of the interaction between components of paramagnetic Pr3+ and Mn3+ moments opposite to the component of the ferromagnetic Fe3+moment or the anti-aligned Fe –rich regions to that of Mn-rich regions containing with Pr3+. Negative exchange bias is also exhibited by Pr2FeMnO6 below 200 K which can be ascribed to the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction and magnetic exchange anisotropy. A high-temperature magnetic transition at TC = 576 K is identified for the material from the thermomagnetic data. From the detailed analysis of the thermomagnetic data, the presence of ferromagnetic short-range correlations is observed far above the TC, which suggests a Griffiths-like phase with Griffiths temperature at TG = 681 K.