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MnCo2O4 nanoneedles self-organized microstructures for supercapacitors

MnCo2O4 nanoneedles self-organized into urchin-like morphology have been directly grown over conducting nickel foam (NF) substrates by hydrothermal method for supercapacitor application. Aqueous symmetric supercapacitor fabricated with the binder-free MnCo2O4 electrodes exhibits a maximum specific capacitance of 420 F g−1 at 5 mV s−1 and delivers a specific energy of 39 Wh kg−1, at 1 kW kg−1. The electrode also offers an outstanding cyclic stability of 99% at 5 A g−1. The excellent performance of the MnCo2O4 nanoneedle based supercapacitor is attributed to the enhanced electro active surface area of the fabricated electrode.