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Natural Products From Plants: Recent Developments in Phytochemicals, Phytopharmaceuticals, and Plant-based Neutraceuticals as Anticancer Agents [Book Chapter]

Along with all the necessities of life, nature also provides us very low-cost healthcare support. Other than the dietary goods, plants give us many products which have medicinal properties along with the nutritional value and sometimes considered to have even the ability to prevent/delay many lifestyle diseases. The system of traditional practices to treat various diseases has a history may be as old as the human race and was the prominent healthcare management mode until the beginning of the 19th century. The modern medical system evolved alongside the industrial revolution and is the major mode of healthcare all around the world. Though useful in an emergency, several modern medicines are proved to have adverse sideeffects. The “folklore medicines” or tribal medicines enrich the health of common people even in this century without any clinical trial or standardization. Throughout history, natural products have offered a rich source of compounds that found many applications in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, and biology. It would be desirable to look forward to identifying new target molecules from different plant sources and assess their value in this context. The plant-derived molecules can be used as nutraceuticals or therapeutic molecules, which will be easily procurable, less expensive, and with a very less extent of adverse sideeffects. Within the sphere of cancer, several commercialized drugs have been obtained from natural sources. By structural modification of natural compounds, novel synthetic molecules are developed, some of which are as efficient as or even better than that of the natural molecules. The chapter tries to compile the recent developments in the field of anticancer therapeutics research and functional ingredients from plants which are proposed to have anticancer property.