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Pd Modified Ni Nanowire as an Efficient Electro-catalyst for Alcohol Oxidation Reaction

Developing highly efficient and economically viable electro-catalyst is very crucial research topic nowadays for achieving affordable direct alcohol fuel cells. Nano-structural architecture plays a crucial role in the catalytic activity. Herein we are reporting, a cost effective one-dimensional (1D) nano structured electro-catalyst for improved methanol oxidation reaction. Pd modified Ni nanowire catalyst towards methanol electro oxidation were prepared by a simple galvanic replacement reaction. Exclusive nano-wire morphology achieved through a wet chemical reduction method without employing any capping agents or surfactants. Pd modified Ni nano-wires exhibited a supreme catalytic activity and durability towards methanol electro-oxidation. The distinctive 1D morphology and strong metal support interaction (SMSI) between Pd and NiO along with the bifunctional effects of Pd and Ni attributed to the enhanced catalytic activity. The amount of precious Pd metal was reduced by 90 wt% with enhanced catalytic efficiency. Ethanol electro-oxidation study showed an improved catalytic activity with mass activity of 1479.79 mA/mg Pd.