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Reaction kinetics of physico-chemical attributes in coconut inflorescence sap during fermentation

The study on fermentation kinetics of the coconut inflorescence sap is important to understand its shelf life at different storage conditions and to develop suitable value added products. The coconut inflorescence sap collected by using in-house developed coco-sap chiller device is called Kalparasa. The fermentation characteristics of Kalparasa were investigated at every 1-h interval under ambient (31 ± 2 °C) and refrigerated (5 ± 1 °C) storage conditions. The results reveal that pH of the sap and total sugar content decline rapidly under ambient conditions than under refrigerated conditions. Acidity, turbidity, and reducing sugar content significantly (p < 0.001) increases for the sap stored under ambient conditions. The reaction rate constant (k) of the vitamin C and total sugar degradation increases with the atmospheric fermentation. The degradation kinetics of vitamin C and total sugar in Kalparasa during natural fermentation (ambient condition) follow second-order equation whereas the reducing sugar follows the first-order equation.